iTunes is increasing its catalogue of applications for each of its devices thanks to the continuous demand and growth of users that has been taking place for decades in Apple. Therefore we have selected a list of the best iPad games that we can find in the AppStore, free of charge, and with which to spend and enjoy a good time of one of the flagships of the company of Palo Alto.


The trend of games for iPad, has been converging around print form 1099 what are free to play, but to improve and advance the dynamic there are purchases that bring the user to a better gaming experience, and these can be complemented perfectly with the gamification by daily regularity when playing.


This type of application represents the bulk of downloads in the Apple store. For years, video games have been the main bet by ipad game developers, due in large part to the user profile, which is usually young and student.

Top games for iPad.

It is very interesting to note that most of the most downloaded games on the AppStore have been successful for more than 3 years, which is the supposed average age of expiration of the games. But we must highlight the ability of developers to remain innovative and provide applications with new modes and add-ons that refresh their product.

The best iPad games are at their best thanks to the good work behind them and the continuous improvements that the devices undergo with updates. In addition to having constant income from players who want to improve their gaming experience.


Angry Birds Classic HD

The optimized version for tablets of the already classic game of the Philippine company Rovio. It arrived in 2009 ready to innovate in the mobile video game sector. Its method of play consists of collapsing the structures of the “evil” pigs, with the powers of the different species of birds on the island.

A real fixture in the download libraries, a game that combines the psychomotor skills of touch and strategy, with high doses of humour.


Plants vs. Zombies HD

Defend yourself from the Zombies thanks to the powers of your unsurpassed, beautiful and funny plants. The strategy revolution came with this simple video game, where, we are a botanical nutcase facing the zombie apocalypse with different types of plants. A funny, entertaining experience with the ability to bring resource management closer to children. A whole combination of features that make it one of the best iPad games.


Candy Crush Saga

Another classic in the download libraries. His connection to Facebook made him climb quickly among active users, asking for “extra lives” and resources to help them overcome the demands of the levels. One of the most striking points is the “Candy” theme that was originally created to attract young targets, which are closely linked to the consumption of sweets and chocolates. But this idea had a greater impact, managing to reach audiences of all ages and even being a perfect introduction to the “tactile” era of the devices.


Temble Run HD

Running away has never been so much fun as it is intense. Run and try to jump and steer the course to avoid being caught by your pursuers. This model was created by Imangi Studios in 2011 with the arrival of the first Smartphones. A very strong system of gamification, coupled with a proposal of constant improvement, Temble Run became one of the best games for iPad thanks to its arcade influence, rescued from the arcades of the 80s where the score and the desire to improve were the ingredients that attracted the public to play.


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