Since getting my first iPhone, 3 years ago, I’ve always let my daughter play with it. At 3 years old, it seemed like she already knew how to use the multitouch display, because that’s how kids learn just about everything: they gotta touch it. Tap N Learn has another app in their series of educational applications for kids and toddlers. This is called Learn to Spell.

Learn to Spell is great tool to help your child with their spelling, no matter where you are. Kids can tap and slide the letters into place to spell 3 to 5 letters words, from 4 different categories: Animals, Household, Food, and Plants. There is a total of 43 words for them to learn.

The words are accompanied by high quality images, so your child can see what they are trying to spell. The words are also spoken out loud, by a friendly, clear voice, getting your child engaged and listening.

There are 3 modes of learning, and are best explained in the words of the developer:

Learn Mode – Where the application will spell out the word and end with the pronunciation of the word. The child can tap on the image to repeat or tap on the next arrow to proceed to the next word.
Practice Mode – Where the application will display the image of the word and the alphabets of the word will be randomly displayed at the bottom. The correct spelling will also be faintly displayed at the top. The child will need to drag the alphabets to the correct box at the top of the screen to form the word.
Quiz Mode – Is the same as Practice Mode except that the correct spelling will not be displayed. Only when the child has spelt the word will the application show the correct spelling. If the child has spelt correctly, 1 point will be awarded.
This app is recommended for children 2 and up, but even my 6 year old had some fun with this. She is just going into grade 2, so her spelling is getting pretty good already, but she had a good time with Learn to Spell. I wish I had this app when she was younger, as it could have kept her occupied for hours.

Overall, I think this is an excellent educational tool for children just learning how to read and spell. I would definitely recommend this to any parent. Tap N Learn – Learn to spell in available in the App Store now for $.99. If you want to give a try first, there is a lite version, as well.


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