We’ve probably all known someone that has lost their wallet or purse at some point in time. There’s that sense of panic, and then you realize that you need to get everything canceled right away! The problem is that all of the numbers you need to call to cancel your cards are on the cards that you lost! Well, thanks to Quick Cancel, when this kind of situation arises, all you need to know is what banks you hold accounts with and you’ll be able to quickly generate a list of numbers that you’ll need to call!

When you open up Quick Cancel, the first thing you’ll see is a brief opening screen with a “Start” button at the bottom. Once you press start you’ll be taken to a list of banks to choose from. While there are quite a few banks on this list (and the developers have been working on adding more), if you have a local bank, chances are you probably won’t find it here because most of the banks listed are the more nationally known ones.

Once you’re done selecting all of your bank account sources all you have to do is touch the “Next” button in the upperright corner. This brings up a list of Credit Card institutions. Do the same as you did with the banks and touch the “Next” button again and you’ll be shown a list of phone carriers.

After you get all of your information entered in you’ll be taken straight to a list of numbers that you need to call! Not only does this app give you a list, but it also makes it easy to call, and keep track of which numbers you’ve called already! To call any number, all you have to do is touch the “Call” button to the right of it. After you make a call using one of the “Call” buttons your list will be saved. when you open the app up again you’ll be greeted by that same list of numbers with any numbers that you’ve already called showing a “Cancelled” button instead of the “Call” button.

I found that this app was both extremely easy to use and it did exactly what it was designed to do! While obviously, this is not the type of app that you hope you will ever need. With that said, in an emergency, this app could be a real life-saver! As I mentioned, I did have a little difficulty finding a few organizations, but it was mainly because they were more local organizations. Whether you have a friend that recently lost their wallet or purse, or you personally have lost something, I would definitely recommend that you check this app out!


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