If you’ve ever had to shell out money for current literature on correct medical procedure for emergencies you know just how expensive it can be! What if there was a way to get a great medical reference tool that fits in your pocket for just $9.99? Well now you can with EMS Field Guide by Informed!

The first screen you’ll see in this app is the “Topics” screen. There are a variety of topics that are covered in this app from Airway and Trauma down to Poisons and Emergency Medications! Touching any topic will bring up a list of things under that topic to choose from.

Something you’ll notice when you’re looking at the list of topics is that some of them have a small graphic just to the right of them. Some of them represent the fact that the information contained within has picture illustrations while other times they show you that there is a calculator for something contained within them.

There are three other buttons at the bottom of the main menu screen. The “Calculators” button will bring up a list of a variety of different kinds of medical calculators need! The other two buttons are for bookmarks and letting you know more about the developers of the app and why they decided to develop it.

If, while you’re browsing, you find some information that you want to be able to get to quickly at a later date, bookmarking it is very simple. All you have to do is touch the screen anywhere and a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Touching the “+” button will add a bookmark to the page that you’re currently on.

I could go on, but what you need to know is that this app has a lot of quality information and its presented in a very easy to use format! Since I’m not a medical professional I don’t know how helpful this would be to someone like that. What I do know is that there is a lot of information that I would never have known on my own! So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself!


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