If you’ve spent hours practicing and still can’t get used to typing on the iPhone’s small keyboard this app may be for you. Full Screen Keyboard is an app that is designed to help you type faster by increasing the size of your keyboard by 100%!

Right, when you open up the app you’ll see that the entire screen starts out as a keyboard. So I’m sure your first questions is, “if the keyboard fills the whole screen then where does the text I type show up?” The answer is that it shows up behind your keyboard. the basic idea is that your keyboard is in the foreground but is transparent.

The first thing you’ll notice if you’re already fairly familiar with the iPhone’s keyboard layout is that this one feels quite a bit different. First of all it only works in landscape mode, but secondly, the letters are just laid out different. The “Q” is above the top row of letters on the left side, and all of the punctuation that is not on the “numbers” page is at the top of the screen.

There are a few basic options that you can set up by touching the settings button in the lower left corner of the screen. You can change the buttons color, the text color, and how transparent(opaque) the keyboard is. You can also change the font size here as well.

Once you get a block of text saved it’s simple to transfer it to whatever app you want to. Touching the button that looks like an underscore in the lower left corner of the screen will bring up a small menu of options to help you get your text where you need it. You can easily transfer the text you type to sms messages, emails or even use your text as a search query directly from within this app by touching the appropriate button!

While this app probably wouldn’t have been all that useful not too long ago, with the multitasking features that are built into iOS 4 this is no longer the case! Full Screen Keyboard has full iOS 4 support and will allow you to quickly switch back and forth between itself and other apps without losing what you were working on!

So while the feature set seems nice, and the interface is simple, an app like this always comes down to how well it really performs on typing! After using this app for a while I was definitely more accurate on hitting the correct letters when trying to type things quickly.

With all that said I did have a couple of issues with Full Screen Keyboard as well. The first one is the backspace key. While all of the other letters and keys have a little bit of delay in them which allows you to quickly touch them once and be done, the backspace key does not. This makes it easy to quickly delete a lot of characters, the problem with that is that sometimes you delete a lot of characters without even meaning to!

The second issue I had is with the way that caps lock/shift works in this app. There is only one button for shift/caps, which is represented by an up-pointing arrow. This one button basically works as a caps lock. The problem is that there is really no way to easilycapitalize just the first letter of a word, even if it is the first word in a new sentence! This is not a big deal if you’re just texting, but if you’re trying to type an email with this app it gets old fast!

To sum it all up, I definitely see a lot of potential in this app, and I’m sure it will continue to get better as the developers work on it. Even in it’s current state though I definitely can see how this app could be very useful if you have large thumbs and/or you have trouble typing fast on the iPhone’s keyboard. If either of these is you then what are you waiting for? Full Screen Keyboard is available in the App Store for just $1.99 today!


Johnny Matson is a computer expert from Washington. Johnny is an software engineer. At the moment he works as a system administrator. Articles on topics range from home networks to wireless networks to Internet security, software and others.

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