There are literally hundreds of developers out there, and they’re FastMall 1 – iPhone App Reviewall looking for that next app that’s going to change the way we do things. While a lot of apps that are released seem to be gimmicky, FastMall by MindSmack has not only come up with a great idea but has done a great job of surrounding that idea with lots of useful features!

FastMall is the only app that you need when you take a trip to the mall! FastMall 2 – iPhone App ReviewNot only will it give you directions to your local mall but it also does a variety of things from keeping track of where you parked to finding you a store’s phone number and the latest deals! Thankfully, while it does do a lot of things, this app still manages to keep the interface simple enough for anyone to just pick it up and starting using it.

When you open up FastMall the main screen is filled with 9 icons. The main page works a lot like your device’s main app screen. If you touch and hold on one button the icons will all start shaking and you can rearrange them however you want. When you have them all just where you want them you can go back go back to normal by pressing theFastMall 3 – iPhone App Review red “Done” button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Finding a mall is as easy as touching the “Malls” button. This will default to showing the malls that are closest to your current location, but you can FastMall 4 – iPhone App Reviewsearch for malls in any location by using the search bar at the top of the screen. You can also search malls by mall name and view only your “My Malls” list if you are logged into your FastMall account!

As great a resource as the mall finder is this is just the beginning of what this app can do! Once you find the mall you are interested in and select it you will be taken to a screen with several different options. The first option is the “Virtual Map.” Unfortunately, I was unable to fully test this feature because the closest mall currently in their database was almost 200 miles from where I live. The good news is though that they are adding new maps constantly, and they listen to customer feedback to help them select the next malls that they add!

While I was unable to actually use the Virtual Map feature at my local mall, I did load up a mall that had this feature available and look at it. I was impressed to say the least! What this feature basically does is show you a detailed map of the mall and then overlays it with important information such as where the FastMall 5 – iPhone App Reviewrestrooms are, where the theater is in the mall if there is one, and it also allows you to select a store or location in the mall and get turn by turn “directions” to it no matter where you are in the mall!

Another thing that is really great about this app is that you can easily add your favorite malls to the home screen. When you have a mall you want to add open all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom and touch the “Add This Mall To Main Menu” button. While most of the options on the main menu are useful, some of them you will use less frequently and this allows you to have one-touch access to your favorite malls!

What will make or break an app like this is the details, and that is where this app excels. All the way down to the little things like the integrated “Where Did I Park?” feature. Yes, there is already an app for that, but if you are using this as your virtual mall assistant did you really want to close it and go find another app to help you find your car? Honestly with all the features of this app, the time it could potentially save, and the money you could save by staying informed on the latest deals I would have expected this app to be attached to some kind of fee. That is why for the price of free this is one app that you should not pass up. If you don’t already have this app on your phone, you need to download it today!


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