There are a lot of voice/text plans for your iPhone out there, depending on your provider. Some companies will offer a plan that allows you to call other people on the same network, for free. This is a great feature, but how can you tell for sure that the people in your contacts list are on the same network as you, to take advantage of this service?

DoubleCheck from Double IP S.A. looks to solve this problem. With a simple interface, you can type in any mobile number and find out what carrier that number is assigned to. Works with all carriers in over 200 countries. It identifies the mobile carrier, and marks it in your address book, so you can easily tell if you’re making a free call, or using your plan’s minutes.

ReviewDoubleCheck features:

  • Identify the mobile operator of a contact in your address book
  • Identify invalid numbers in your address book
  • Mark the retrieved information in your address book with just a touch
  • The retrieved information is always available when you make a call or text your contacts
  • Identify the mobile operator of a mobile number not in your address book
  • Add the unknown number and the retrieved information to an existing contact or create a new one contact in your address book
  • All operators in 202 countries are supported

When you open the app, you are brought to the “Checks” tab. This is where all the numbers you have checked will show up. The app comes with 10 free checks. After that, you can add more, via in-app purchasing, in the “Store” tab.

The “Share” tab allows you to tell everyone about this great service. There is a pre-composed message, or you can edit it and add your own. It can be sent via email of SMS. Just select your method of choice and hit the Share button, and the message will open up in a new email or SMS message, right within the app.

The “About” tab gives you quick access to DoubleIP’s website, for more information on DoubleChecker, and other apps they may have available.

To check a new number, simply tap the “New” button in the upper right of the Checks screen. Tap the entry field and type in the number, using the dialer keyboard. Then tap “Check”. The process is pretty quick and pretty accurate. The new number shows up on your “Checks” list right away, and once DoubleChecker discovers the carrier, it is automatically added. You can then tap the contact, and assign the carrier to the contact in your address book. This way, when you go to call someone, you know right away, whether they are on the same carrier as you, or not.


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