I found that one of the most irritating things in college was trying to keep up with some of my professors taking notes. There’s just so much information in some classes that sometimes it’s hard to decide what you need to write down. If you have one of those classes you may want to check out Audio Class Notes Free on your iPhone or iPod Touch!

When you open up the app the first thing you’ll see is a menu with three options. You can “Record a new file,” “Play A Recorded File,” or view and edit preferences in the “Options” menu. Inside the options menu you’ll see buttons to select the recording quality, remove all data from the app, and to add/remove “Classes” which is how all of your recordings are organized!

Once you’re ready to start recording you’ll need to make sure you’ve set up the class that you’re recording notes for, and then touch the “Record a new file” button. To start recording just touch the “Record” button in the upper left corner. At any time you can pause recording, or when you’re finished just touch the stop button stop and save it. You’ll be asked for a name for the recording, and if you don’t give it one then it will be named “Recording #?”.

Once you’ve recorded your class notes to review them later just touch the “Play A Recorded File” button. You’ll be given a list of all the files that you currently have. You can remove items from the list by swiping and touching the “Delete” button that comes up, or by touching the “Delete Mode” button in the lower right corner and using the “-” buttons to the left of the recordings.

To play a recording just touch it and you’ll open the playback screen. From here you can not only listen to your recordings, but you can also tag certain parts so that you can quickly find them later. This is extremely easy to do, my only comment would be that there really needs to be a way to delete “tags” just in case you add one in a place where you didn’t want it, or you named it wrong.

All things aside this is a very useful app, and I was very impressed with how well this app was able to pick up people’s voices, even at a distance. Best of all though it’s totally free! The only thing you’ll have to deal with are the ads that you see at the top of the screen. They are not obtrusive though, and if you choose to view them they are Apple’s new “iAds” so you don’t have to leave the app to check them out!

If you’ve been looking for a voice recording app similar to this one, there is no reason that you shouldn’t at least give this a try. While there may be apps out there with a few extra “bells and whistles,” it is very doubtful that you’ll be able to find a better, easier to use app than this one for free. So what are you waiting for? Click the link below and check it out for yourself today!


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